Yoshidasarashi Sarashi Bleached Cotton Cloth

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Product Information

  • Brand:Yoshidasarashi
  • Material:100% cotton (domestic cotton yarn)
  • Product type: Filter Cloths
  • Country of origin:Osaka, Japan
  • Dimensions (approx):340mm x 10 m
  • Item weight (approx):380 g
  • Shipping weight (approx):390 g

Key Features

  • Yoshida fabrics are made of authentic domestic cotton yarn and 100% domestically produced. With no fluorescent dye used, its color is slightly yellowish rather than purely white.
  • The cloth is made of 100% natural cotton, which has good water absorbency and tensile strength, and is a traditional must kitchen item for multi purposes - hand towel, dish cloth, small bag or squeezing cloth.

Use & Care

  • Can be used for multi-purposes such as filtering “dashi” broth, draining vegetables, preventing ingredients getting dry, squeezing ingredients, or straining tofu.


Yoshida fabrics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of commercial grade fabric kitchen products. After its establishment in 1936, they first manufactured hygienic gauze and now developed more products for food safety and hygiene with their all knowhow, experience and good location in Tsubame City, which is the center of commercial grade kitchenware manufacturing.