Nousaku Tinware Small Bowl Kuzushi Tare


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Product Information

  • Brand: Nousaku
  • Model: 501540/501550/501560
  • Material: 100% Tin
  • Product type: Bowls
  • Country of origin: Japan (Takaoka, Toyama)
  • 501560 (Small): Dimensions (approx):Diameter: 83 mm, Height: 28 mm, Item weight (approx): 73 g, Shipping weight (approx): 300 g
  • 501550 (Medium): Dimensions (approx):Diameter: 100 mm, Height: 35 mm, Item weight (approx): 160 g, Shipping weight (approx): 400 g
  • 501540 (Large): Dimensions (approx):Diameter: 115 mm, Height: 40 mm, Item weight (approx): 225 g, Shipping weight (approx): 470 g

Key Features

  • Available in 3 sizes.
  • Pure tin construction helps keep cold dishes well chilled.
  • Carefully hand-crafted by their skilled craftsmen.
  • The Kuzushi series is popular for imperfection. Curvy lines are adorable feature.

Use & Care

  • Hand wash with a soft sponge and wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • Do not use harsh detergents or cleansers.
  • Do not use in the microwave oven.
  • Do not put in the freezer.


Nousaku Corporation was founded in 1916 in Takaoka City, where is one of the largest producing areas of cast metal products in Japan.

“Takaoka City in Toyama Prefecture is a copper-producing region with the highest copperware shipments and sales in all of Japan. The production of copperware in Takaoka began approximately 400 years ago when the town was formed and has progressed together with the town ever since. Copper is used to make large castings such as the Great Buddha Statue of Takaoka, the town’s symbol, as well as vases and Buddhist altar fittings. Copperware is the product of several processes, namely mould-forming, casting, finishing and Coloring, and each of these processes requires the skill of veteran craftsmen. Beautifully-shaped copperware products are the result of all these processes combined.”
- Toyama Tourism Organization