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Seinichi Disposable Take-Out Onigiri Wrapper (100 Pcs)

Set: Single (100 pcs)

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Product Information

  • Brand:Seinichi
  • Model:6967410
  • Material:Polypropylene plastic
  • Product type:Take-Out Containers
  • Country of origin:Japan
  • Dimensions (approx):210x140 mm, Thickness: 0.04 mm
  • Item weight (approx):220 g
  • Shipping weight (approx):220 g (Set of 10: 2200 g)

Key Features

  • Restaurant equipment and supplies.
  • Keeps the nori seaweed sheet fresh and crisp.
  • Japanese convenience store style onigiri is ideal for picnic, work lunch and more.

Use & Care

  • Use a triangular shaped onigiri rice ball (shaped by hand/Mold).


Seisan Nippon Sha Ltd was founded in 1949 in Japan. Seisan Nippon Sha or Seinichi is a pioneer/inventor of plastic storage bags with a fastener. All of their products are manufactured in Japan.