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How to make delicious cold green tea.

Japanese tea has an image as hot tea generally though, let us introduce how to make delicious green tea with cold water on our blog.

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How does cold brew green tea attract you?

What's the secret to making cold brew green tea so delicious? There's actually some science behind this.

Less caffeine

Green tea naturally contains caffeine which make the bitter taste unique to green tea. Since caffeine is water-soluble, it’s easy to be dissolved in hot water. Much more dissolved in mote than sixty-degree water. In other words, more than sixty-degree water makes high caffeine content green tea which has strong bitterness by this.

The bitterness of the caffeine is one of the green tea’s deliciousness. It’s said to have promotion of digestion and diuretic effect or makes our head clear. Even you don’t like bitterness, cold brew green tea is comparatively easy to drink. Less bitterness cold brew green tea is also suitable for children.

Sweetness increases

Tea leaf contains theanine which contribute to sweetness. Theanine is one of the Umami component (flavor component) which is a feature of tea. Higher tea, such as Gyokuro (refined green tea), contains more theanine.

When green tea is made with cold water, theanine, the main element of sweetness and Umami, is extracted. It leads to mellow and delicious tea plenty of sweetness and Umami.


It is also one of the features of cold brew green tea that sweetness and Umami become stronger by cutting down on bittering component of caffeine.

Extract enough vitamin C

Water-soluble vitamin C contained in green tea can be extracted enough by brewing with cold water. Since vitamin has healing effect such as antioxidant and relieving fatigue, health and beauty conscious people should intake it proactively.

Boost immune system with catechin

Tea leaf contains several types of catechins, a kind of polyphenol. Among these, EGC (Epigallocatechin Gallate Catechin) which boost immune system is extracted abundantly by brewing with cold water. It is said that the more EGC can strengthen the immune system. It has been revealed that cold-brewed green tea is better than hot-brewed green tea to extract EGC.

Cool and refreshing feeling

Since cold-brewed green tea contains less tannins, causative agent of tannic and a kind of polyphenol, it has a feature of cool and refreshing feeling and smooth. Besides, since it contains a lot of vitamin C and easily absorbed into the body, it is perfect in summer as prevention of heatstroke or dehydration.

Cold-brewed green tea also contributes to time saving since it already cold by brewing with cold water. Ready-to-drink in the hottest day is a major advantage. Just try it with ice. You can enjoy the nutritious green tea with a sense of coolness.

How to make cold-brewed green tea

Now, let us introduce how to make delicious cold-brewed green tea.

Make it with tea bag


Prepare 1 tea bag (tea leaf 5g approximately) per 500cc cold water and put in something like water bottle. Cool it for 3 hours in the refrigerator. If you prepare it the night before, you can enjoy delicious cold-brewed green tea in the morning.

The appropriate amount of tea leaf is best. Having too much or too little tea leaf is not good since it makes green tea too thick or thin to drink.

In addition, brewing cold-brewed green tea should be done in refrigerator, not in room temperature to prevent or stop the protein from rotting.

Make it with small teapot


Put tea leaf of 3-5g per person into teapot. Pour cold water of 150ml per person. Wait for 5-6 minutes until aromatic. And then, pour it into a glass. You can enjoy it without any mixes or with ice. Making cold-brewed green tea with teapot is suitable for a small number of people since it takes just a few minutes. It is not suitable for a large number of people.

Make it with teapot for cold water brewing


Put tea leaf of 15g into the tea strainer that comes with the teapot and pour a litter of water into the teapot body. Cap it and put it into the refrigerator. Just wait for 3-5 hours. After brewing, remove the tea leaf by detaching the tea strainer and store it with the cap on. This way is convenient for a large number of people to enjoy the cold-brewed green tea.

Let’s have a refreshing summer with cold-brewed green tea!

Cold-brewed green tea with a sense of coolness creates Umami and sweetness by minimizing the volume of extraction from tannins or caffeine which make the astringency and bitter taste. Besides, since cold-brewed green tea is rich in vitamin C and EGC and easy to easily absorbed into the body, it is perfect for prevention of heatstroke in summer. Also, it is perfect for athletes to water after sports.

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