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Making a sandwich is easy. Making a hot sandwich can be easy, too. But, do you know how to make a greedy sandwich?
Making your sushi dreams come true isn't easy, but we think it's worth the effort. Read more and learn how to make a nigirizushi that will change your life.
If you are in search of the perfect green tea-brewing experience, then consider your search over. Read on and embrace an ancient Japanese method for getting the day--or the conversation--started.
Do you like chicken, eggs, and onions? Then you'll love Japan's good ol' oyakodon. Level up your Japanese cooking repertoire with our recipe.
Packing a Japanese lunch? Then you need to make onigiri.
Do you smell that? It's the rich aroma of roasted sweet potatoes. Learn how to make yours at home.
Welcome, tofu lovers! In this guide, we'll teach you how to make authentic tofu at home.
Do you need even more good luck in your life? Then you need to make some Japanese fish waffles.
The most culturally significant holiday in Japan is New Year's. Read more to learn about the traditional foods eaten on New Year's.
Ready to try making Japanese food for the first time, but don't know where to start? You can't go wrong with miso soup.
You may not be a professional pastry chef, but after reading this article, you'll be able to build the cookie house of your children's dreams.
Prepare your bandages and ointment because fighting is about to break out around the sukiyaki pot. Let me hear your battle cry!
Call your family, call your friends, it's time to get the festival started with some homemade obanyaki!
You made a plum liqueur, you drank and made merry, but what do you do with the plums?
Looking for a Halloween cookie and icing recipe to take Halloween to the next level? Close the other tabs and read this article immediately.
You know what? You need to learn how to turn eggs into fluffy little bricks.
Everybody loves authentic Japanese ramen. Using a ramen strainer can upgrade your ramen cooking game.
When you've eaten all the soba, but still crave some more, what do you do? You drink the leftovers.
In this article I teach you how to make soba from scratch using the Hounen Handmade Soba Set.
It takes a little more work than an electric rice cooker, but the cast iron rice cooker by Iwachu has some tricks up its sleeves, too.
The summer heat can drain you of energy fast. Learn about a nutrition-packed Japanese food traditionally eaten at the height of the summer heat.
Are you worried that your children might spend the summer without enjoying a refreshing cup of shaved ice? Worry no more.
Summer in Japan means ripe plums. Learn how to use those plums to make delicious umeshu.
If you want to enjoy sushi in a party setting with your Japanese food-loving friends, then you might want to give temakizushi a try.
Let me tell you my experience making nukazuke--a styling of pickling--and how you can make your own pickled vegetables using the Nukazuke Bijin.
Measuring the ingredients is the most important task in cooking. If the measurement is incorrect, the food won't taste great even how amazing a recipe is. Learn the basic skill of measuring accurately with measuring spoons or cups.
Obanyaki is a round disc-shaped stuffed pancake made of flour, eggs and sugar (or honey) filled with sweet azuki bean paste. It's been around for approximately 250 years in Japan. It was a popular street snack enjoyed by people generation after generation. If you like sweet azuki bean paste, try this Obanyaki recipe at home.
In Japan where people enjoy the change of seasons throughout the year, we celebrate "Shunbun no hi (Vernal Equinox Day)" that marks the beginning of spring. Vernal equinox day is a national holiday in Japan. We celebrate ohigan that takes place three days before and after vernal equinox day. Ohigan is a time for honoring our ancestors by visiting family's graves or cleaning up our butsudan (small Buddhist altar for home) and its equipment. We also eat botamochi (ohagi), a special ohigan food. In this article, we will develop more about what ohigan is and share a botamochi recipe for you to try at home.

Chawanmushi is a typical dish for serving guests in Japan. Served in small teacups, it is made of egg mixture, dashi and other ingredients for topping, all cooked in a steamer. I will show you how to cook this Japanese traditional dish with a steamer.

Inari sushi is prepared differently in the Kanto area (Tokyo), Kansai area (Osaka) and Tohoku area (Sendai). Be creative and enjoy different flavors of your choice. In this articleI will share the most basic Kanto-style inari sushi recipe.
In Japan, there is a custom of eating Eho-maki (uncut sushi rolls for good luck) on Setsubun (the last day of winter). Setsubun, a uniquely Japanese annual event, is a big event for children to look forward to. In this article, we will introduce how to make and eat Eho-maki, a classic Setsubun dish!
On New Year's Day, the most special of the year's festivities in Japan, people celebrate the New Year with their families or close friends by preparing Osechi-ryori as a special event meal. Osechi-ryori is a food culture that has many different types and contents that vary from region to region. Even if it is not Japanese cuisine, it will look more authentic in a lacquered Jubako box. Why don't you spend the upcoming New Year's holiday enjoying traditional Japanese culture?
Sukiyaki is a luxurious and special dish to celebrate the New Year's holiday for the Japanese people. In recent years, it is getting popular in other countries because of its deliciousness. Please enjoy the traditional Japanese hot pot dish with the Sukiyaki hot pot.
Traditional hot pot dishes have been handed down from generation to generation in Japan, from east to west, from north to south, and from east to west. With just one earthenware pot, you can easily enjoy a wide variety of hot pot dish at any time.
With a well-used baked sweet potato pot, you can make traditional Japanese yaki-imo (baked sweet potato). We hope you will enjoy the autumn taste of baked sweet potatoes. If you bake not only sweet potatoes but also various vegetables and fruits evenly, you will be able to expand the range of your cooking.
Takoyaki cookers are useful for making Halloween cakes and other treats, ajijos, and Spanish omelets. This time, we will use a Takoyaki cooker to make Halloween Takoyaki Cakes. Enjoy Halloween to the fullest this year with Halloween Takoyaki Cakes that will tickle your kids' fancy!

"Ramen" is a popular Japanese food that is now attracting attention from all over the world. It is said that ramen began to spread throughout Japan in the early 1920s, and in the process, various styles were established and a variety of flavors were developed throughout the country.

Tamagoyaki is a traditional Japanese egg dish and one of the most popular home-style dishes. The taste of Tamagoyaki varies from region to region, but the basic method and shape of Tamagoyaki, in which beaten eggs are rolled and baked in layers in a special frying pan, is the same throughout Japan.

Cold-brewed green tea also contributes to time saving since it already cold by brewing with cold water. Ready-to-drink in the hottest day is a major advantage. Just try it with ice. You can enjoy the nutritious green tea with a sense of coolness. let us introduce how to make delicious green tea with cold water
Generally speaking, the smaller the amount of flour used to make takoyaki dough, the fluffier and tastier it becomes. However, the smaller the amount of dough, the more difficult it is to bake nicely. Therefore, making delicious takoyaki needs a good skill.
The flavor of plum wine can be expanded to an infinite number of flavors by changing the type of plums to be pickled, experimenting with different types of alcohol and sugar, and other combinations. Enjoy making your own original plum wine using your favorite ingredients.
There is a custom in Japan to eat “Ohagi” on the equinoctial week in spring. “Ohagi” is made by wrapping cooked glutinous rice with red bean paste. We are explaining to you how to make red bean paste and “Ohagi” step by step.
Japan has a custom of eating pressed sushi for celebrations such as girls’ festival. Today we are going to tell you about how to make “pressed sushi” and how to add your own tastes. Making pressed sushi is not as difficult as expected. By using a mold, anybody can do it. Would you like to enjoy it with your family?
In Japan, sea breams are associated with good luck and often used for special meals on celebrations for some phonetic reason. In particular, salt-crusted sea bream looks gorgeous and tastes delicious. Today we are going to tell you about its history and recipe. Let’s try cooking the special dish for the New Year!
In Japan, people eat various kinds of traditional New Year-related cuisine including Osechi and sea bream dishes, etc.Ozoni is one of Japanese traditional dishes for New Year’s. Today we are going to tell you about history of Ozoni and how to cook it. There are different styles depending on locales. Let’s experience Japanese culture for the start of New Year 2022!
Japan has a custom of eating Toshikoshi Soba (year-crossing noodles) on New Year’s Eve (“Omisoka” in Japanese). Today we are going to tell you about the reason and origin why we eat Soba at a crossover of years as well as how to make Toshikoshi Soba. Soba has unique flavor, and it is an essential food for Japanese people. Would you like to eat Toshikoshi Soba and enjoy the Japanese tradition to have a great New Year start?
Royal icing cookies are bright and colorful. They are something exciting to see. By using pancake mix, anyone can make cookies easily. Today we are going to show you a recipe of royal icing cookies for Christmas. Making royal icing cookies is an exciting event that you can enjoy with your beloved people. Let’s enjoy your Christmas more with unique homemade cookies!
A Christmas night you spend with beloved one or favorite people would be special for anybody. Christmas cake is something that both adults and children look forward to. Today we are going to tell you a basic recipe for Christmas cake with strawberries, which would be helpful for you to make your original cake. Let’s have an unforgettable Christmas with a homemade your original cake!