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Nagatanien Asage Instant Miso Soup Family Size 10 servings

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Product Information

  • Brand:Nagatanien
  • Ingredients:Miso seasoning (Rice miso made in Japan), Salt, Kelp extract (Kombu), Bonito extract (Katsuo), Dried bonito powder, Dried fish powder, Yeast extract (Kobo)/ Denatured alcohol, Seasoning (Amino Acid etc.), (contains soybean), Ingredients (Wakame seaweed, Fu (wheat gluten), Seasoning granules (Dried bonito powder, Dextrin, Dried fish powder, Salt), Dried Negi (long green onions)/Seasoning (Amino Acid etc.), Antioxidant agents (Vitamin E), Citric Acid, (contains wheat))
  • Expiry date:We ship the product which has more than 90 days left before expires.
  • Product type:Miso Soup
  • Country of origin:Japan
  • Dimensions (approx):150 x 55 x 190 mm
  • Item weight (approx):190 g
  • Shipping weight (approx):330 g

Key Features

  • We highly recommend you to contact your local customs office to inquire if the food can be imported to your country or not, as it is often restricted.
  • By blending two types of rice miso, this miso soup has been popular and long-selling in Japan. Family sized pack contains 10 servings.
  • Contains high quality dried bonito (Katsuo) from Makurazaki, Kagoshima, Kelp (Kombu), and dried fish, that add great taste and flavor to the soup. Tasteful miso soup with rich flavors. Ingredients include Wakame seaweed, Fu (wheat gluten), Negi (long green onions).
  • Asage, Hiruge and Yuge are made of different types of miso. Asage contains mixed miso, in which more than two types of miso are blended. Hiruge is made of Red miso. Yuge contains white miso.

Use & Care

  • Empty the miso paste packet and the garnish packet into a small bowl or cup. Add boiling water and stir it gently.


Nagatanien is one of the pioneering companies for instant food. Following the corporate vision, "Aji-Hitosuji (Naturally Excellent Taste)", the company has been manufacturing products that reflects our times, by constantly finding creative and innovative solutions. The product lineup today spans across diverse categories, including ochazuke (seasoning for rice covered in tea), furikake (topping for rice), instant miso soup, souzai-no-moto (heat-and-serve sauces for dishes), and noodle products, which are enjoyed by customers of all age groups.