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Sayamacha Japanese Fukamushi Jo-Sencha Green Tea (Loose Tea) 100g

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Product Information

  • Brand:Sayamacha
  • Product type:Sencha (Green Tea)
  • Steaming style:Fukamushi (Deep steaming)
  • Grade:Ichibancha (First flush)
  • Harvesting season:Early May in Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture
  • Occasions:Guests / Gifts
  • Ingredients:Green tea
  • Expiry date:We ship the product which has more than 60 days left before expires.
  • Country of origin:Japan (Tea leaf origin: Saitama Prefecture)
  • Manufacturer:Sayamacha Agricultural Cooperative (Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture)
  • Net weight:100 g
  • Item weight (approx):110 g
  • Shipping weight (approx):110 g

Please Note

  • We suggest you contact your local customs office to inquire if food import is allowed in your country, as it is often restricted.
  • Please kindly choose an ePacket shipping (small packet up to 2 kg) at checkout, as we cannot send food by EMS or DHL shipping.

Key Features

  • Jo sencha (Superior grade sencha).
  • Sayama, Uji and Sizuoka teas are known as the three greatest teas of Japan.

Brewing Information

  • Use 1 teaspoon (3-4 g) per person.
  • Pour 70-80°C water over the loose tea in a pre-warmed kyusu teapot. Leave to infuse for 30-90 seconds.
  • Pour the tea just a little into each teacup and continue this round of pouring when you serve for more than 2 persons, to make sure that each teacup gets an even distribution of flavour.
  • After pouring, make sure every last drop of liquid is removed from the teapot and the lid is slightly opened for the better result of re-steeping.
  • Can be re-steeped 2-3 times.


  • Store in a cool, dark and dry place. (Once the package is opened, refrigerator is NOT recommended.)
  • If you store the unopened tea in the fridge/freezer to keep them longer, make sure to cover the tea package well enough not to absorb odours and moisture. When you use the tea, please wait until the tea gets to room temperature before opening the package.


Sayama Tea (Sayamacha, in Japanese) is a type of green tea leaves produced mainly in southwest region of Saitama Prefecture and a small neighbouring area in northwest Tokyo. In comparison to teas from other tea-growing regions in Japan, Sayama Tea is characterised with its thick leaves. This is because the region is considered to be fairly north, and the cool climate, which sometimes causes frost in winter, makes trees unable to survive without thick leaves.

Tea extracted from such thick leaves resulted in a distinct sweet and rich flavour. Sayama Tea has been found to have some of the highest levels of the beneficial antioxidants found in green tea.