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WADASUKE Copper Mini Saucepan

Size: 5cm

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Product Information

  • Brand:WADASUKE
  • Model:2501-0050(5cm) / 2501-0060(6cm) / 2501-0070(7cm) / 2501-0080(8cm) / 2501-0090(9cm) / 2501-0100(10cm) / 2501-0120(12cm) / 2501-0150(15cm)
  • Material:Body: Copper (Inside: Tin plating), Handle: Brass
  • Product type:Mini Saucepan
  • Country of origin:Japan
  • 5cm:Dimensions (approx): Inner Diameter: 50 mm, Depth: 23 mm, Thickness: 1.2 mm, Capacity (approx): 50 ml, Item weight (approx): 80 g, Shipping weight (approx): 140 g
  • 6cm:Dimensions (approx): Inner Diameter: 60 mm, Depth: 29 mm, Thickness: 1.2 mm, Capacity (approx): 90 ml, Item weight (approx): 110 g, Shipping weight (approx): 180 g
  • 7cm:Dimensions (approx): Inner Diameter: 70 mm, Depth: 34 mm, Thickness: 1.2 mm, Capacity (approx): 130 ml, Item weight (approx): 160 g, Shipping weight (approx): 270 g
  • 8cm:Dimensions (approx): Inner Diameter: 80 mm, Depth: 38 mm, Thickness: 1.5 mm, Capacity (approx): 200 ml, Item weight (approx): 250 g, Shipping weight (approx): 380 g
  • 9cm:Dimensions (approx): Inner Diameter: 90 mm, Depth: 43 mm, Thickness: 1.5 mm, Capacity (approx): 280 ml, Item weight (approx): 310 g, Shipping weight (approx): 530 g
  • 10cm:Dimensions (approx): Inner Diameter: 100 mm, Depth: 48 mm, Thickness: 1.5 mm, Capacity (approx): 390 ml, Item weight (approx): 390 g, Shipping weight (approx): 550 g
  • 12cm:Dimensions (approx): Inner Diameter: 120 mm, Depth: 48 mm, Thickness: 1.5 mm, Capacity (approx): 530 ml, Item weight (approx): 500 g, Shipping weight (approx): 770 g
  • 15cm:Dimensions (approx): Inner Diameter: 150 mm, Depth: 57 mm, Thickness: 1.5 mm, Capacity (approx): 1000 ml, Item weight (approx): 830 g, Shipping weight (approx): 1200 g

Key Features

  • This mini size saucepan is suitable for cooking a small amount of food. Ideal for warming up a small amount of soup or milk, or for making sauces and caramel.
  • A lid is sold separately.

Use & Care

  • Wash it well after each use and dry it thoroughly before storing.
  • The inner surface is plated with tin to prevent patina and metallic odor from transferring to food.


Wadasuke Seisakusho Co., Ltd. manufactures metal tableware for restaurants in the industrial city of Tsubame, Niigata Prefecture. Their safe and high-quality products are appreciated by professional chefs. They have been providing a variety of simply designed and quality products since 1923. Their lasting and simple products don't go out of fashion and match any table setting.