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10 Great Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's day is the perfect time to give back to mothers for everything they do for us. You will be able to show your appreciation with thoughtful gifts.

In this article, Globalkitchen Japan has carefully selected 10 great Mother's day gift ideas for you to choose from.

Whether it is for first-time moms or retired moms who are enjoying more free time, we have picked perfect items for each of them. For mothers who love cooking, drinking or making coffee, you should be able to find a great gift for them.

Kutani Ware Paired Mugs

These elegant and charming paired mugs with gold and silver flakes are made of rare China clay that is extracted from the regions famous for Kutani Ware manufacturing.

Because of the scarcity of the clay, Kutani Ware mugs are perfect gifts for special anniversaries and for special someone.

Your mother would love using the rare Japanese traditional paired mugs that she can use with her partner.

Edo Kiriko Paired Glass

Delicate and beautiful patterns of Edo Kiriko glassware are created by the Japanese traditional craft that is still evolving today.

The light reflects beautifully through the meticulously curved patterns, creating beautiful contrast between the light and the shadow.

These bewitching pieces of art would add colors to our everyday life.

These are perfect gifts for couples to enjoy drinking together.


"HAREKUTANI" offers a modern version of Kutani Ware that are created with the same traditional techniques but in more contemporary designs.

These are perfect for those who prefer casual and cute items over the traditional ones.

You can give your mom a set of pink and blue matching bowls.


Nousaku offers elegant and unique items that are both captivating and dignified in design.

Their sake cups and servers are great for those who like drinking wine or Japanese sake.

Those are perfect for you to have a drink with your mom, just the two of you and spend time bonding.


The Sakura Cera series by FOREVER offers hygienic knives made in high density ceramics with lasting edge retention.

This light-weight knife is perfect for women who don't have much strength. It is also safe to use for those who have metal allergies.

On top of that, it is highly functional. The blade is twice as solid and 200 times sharper than stainless steel knives.

Noda Horo Kettle

This is a fashionable and antibacterial kettle made of enamel.

Known for its designs, functionality and easy-maintenance, this kettle from Noda Horo is a great item for making hand-brewing coffee at home.

This simple and elegantly designed kettle is perfect for mothers who love drinking coffee.

Enameled Milk Pan

This small and cute Petit Milk Pan from Yutaka Horo is a great gift for those who love cute objects.

This compact pan is made of high thermal conductive material. It is a great item for boiling water for one person during breaks or heating up baby milk or food.


Made of a special plate called "Magma plate", this cast iron frying pan from TAKUMI JAPAN prevents food from being burnt and sticking to the surface. Like the other pans made of iron cast, it is highly durable.

Unlike nonstick coated frying pans, it has a high heat capacity. It would make a great gift for moms who enjoy cooking.

Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth

Unique and cute furoshiki wrapping clothes can be served as a shopping bag or a wrapping for small items. You can also wrap your gifts with a pretty furoshiki cloth.

These highly versatile wrapping clothes can be used in many different ways.

It is therefore an ideal gift for creative mothers who love to test new ideas.

Your gift would look pretty and tasteful when wrapped in a furoshiki cloth as well.

Gift Card

If you couldn't find a perfect Mother's day gift, no worries. You can give her a gift card that she can use to make any purchase she wishes in Globalkitchen Japan. It's a great option for giving your mom what she really wants or needs.

Our gift card is simple and easy-to-use even for those who are not used to shopping online.

Show your appreciation with a Mother's day gift

Mother's day is a great occasion to show the feeling of appreciation for everything your mother has done for you. If you don't say thanks to her enough, a thoughtful gift would show how much you appreciate her.

She would be happy to receive the gift that you thoughtfully chose for her.