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A Happy New Year Greeting

Happy New Year!

We Globalkitchen Japan would like to express our deepest gratitude for continuous support from you last year. Thanks to those supports, we could bring wonderful Japanese culture and products to the customers all over the world and make them happy.

Not only great functions and designs, authentic Japanese traditional crafts also carry manufacturer's strong passion to make customers truly happy. We would like to deliver those passion behind products to you.

The Tokyo Olympic will be held this year 2020, whose keyword “Omotenashi (spirit of hospitality)” is also our concept. You will realize manufacturer’s intent, consideration or creativity behind products only when you use them in a long term. The true values people appreciate can never be created without this authentic Omotenashi spirit.

Today the trend is changing from excessive consumerism to eco-friendliness. The era with disposal goods has ended and a new era has been launched in which goods are more valued and used with affection in a lifetime. This should be “true wealth” that people today are pursuing. We can see it in Japanese traditional techniques and manufacturing concept that have been passed down over time.

Old goods are not just something worn out but something more quaint that you have more affection with. Those goods will enrich your life with each memorable and exciting moment.

Globalkitchen Japan will work even harder to serve as a bridge between customers and skillful manufactures to spread lifetime kitchen tools and tableware as well as other Japanese crafts.

We are going to launch a lot of new campaigns via SNS etc. going forward. We look forward to having another great year with you all.