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An Easy-To-Clean Grater That Won't Eat Your Fingers?

The product we used:

Your Typical Grating Experience

If you're like me, your typical grating experience has three phases:

Phase 1: Maniacal laughter accompanied by vigorous back-and-forth motion. Grated food is piling up quickly.

Phase 2: Nervous sweating, heavy breathing, and laser-eyed focus on distance of fingertips to grater blades as the food is nearly fully-grated. Wife and children watch from a distance, wide-eyed and hands on their mouths. "Can Papa do it, Mom?"

Phase 3: Running to the kitchen sink, grater in hand, like an ER doctor pushing a patient lying on a hospital bed to the operating room. "Get it under water before it dries! Someone get me the sponge!"

Most of the time, you make it through the whole process with all your limbs and kitchen sponges fully-intact. Weeping and despair set in if you forget to clean up quickly and the food dries all gunked up in between the grater blades.

A Better Grating Experience

What if I told you that grating didn't need to be so stressful? What if I told you that you can laugh like a crazy person right to the very end? "Haha! Wife, children, come quickly! Look! The mess is all gone! All gone! It just disappeared!"

Don't believe me?

You don't have to believe.

Just open your eyes.

Behold, the Stainless Steel Grater by TOMITA.

Bumps, not blades.

TOMITA Stainless Steel Grater

The TOMITA Stainless Steel Grater is designed to grate all kinds of ingredients necessary for Japanese cuisine. Ginger, wasabi, garlic, radish, etc. all can be grated using the TOMITA. Its sleek design means you can keep it handy for any time you need to get to work on your next delicious Japanese meal.

Bumps, not blades.

However, the main advantage it has over typical graters is that it has no holes and no grating blades. Instead, one half of the grater has a series of bumps used for breaking up ingredients. That means less mess, easy cleaning, and no bandaids.

I can see some of you are still skeptical, so allow me to lay your doubts to rest.

Test 1: Ginger

Grating ginger with the TOMITA

Ginger is a widely used ingredient in Japanese cuisine and is incorporated into numerous dishes to add its distinctive zesty and aromatic flavors. Here are some Japanese foods that commonly require ginger:

  • Sushi and Sashimi
  • Miso Soup
  • Teriyaki
  • Nimono (Simmered Dishes)
  • Yakitori
  • Gyoza

As you can see in the picture above, the TOMITA grater's bumps make quick work of ginger. No mess, no stress.

Test 2: Garlic

Grating garlic with the TOMITA

Garlic is another ingredient that's commonly grated, both in Japan and in the West. The bumpy-smooth surface of the TOMITA turns a clove of garlic into a savory, fragrant paste perfect for pretty much any food. Slide your finger over the TOMITA and put the garlic paste onto a hot, sizzling frying pan and fill the kitchen with nature's greatest perfume. Rinse the TOMITA under the faucet and forget about it.

Fearless Grating For All Japanese Cuisine

I think by now you understand that the TOMITA grater can get the job done while making grating a much more positive experience.

In addition to ginger and garlic, the TOMITA Stainless Steel Grater can also grate wasabi and radish. If you can get your hands on those ingredients and you have a TOMITA, a whole world of Japanese cuisine possibilities open up for you.

The product we used: