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Best Tableware to Enjoy Seasons ― Sakura items for Spring

Japan has 4 seasons.

Now spring is here! Spring is full of hopes and fun such as school entrance ceremony, moving, new encounters, and new challenges. Let’s lighten your table with seasonal items and with this spiritual spring power!

We would like to show you "hiracle" Kutani Ware with sakura motif.

A Japanese brand, "hiracle"

A Japanese brand, hiracle

Hiracle is a Japanese brand that collaborates with traditional craft work industry and produces sakura motif items. We would like to show you sakura small plates collaborating with Kutani Ware, which is a traditional craft work in Ishikawa Prefecture. Those are individually handmade by professionals and good for gifts.

Value of Sakura in Japan

Value of Sakura in Japan

Sakura is very familiar to Japanese people, used for various occasions and scenes from literature, art, craft work to music. Also pickled sakura petals have been traditionally used in Japanese cuisine.

In Japan, sakura has been highly evaluated and recognized as something special since Samurai Era. In Bushido (Samurai chivalry), sakura is even adored for the way its petals fall gracefully and bravely, which they thought was how samurai should be. In addition, sakura trees have been used for architectures for their strength and durability.

Sakura is not only our spirit but also something essential in our life.

Meaning behind Sakura

Meaning behind Sakura

Sakura represents elegance and knowledge, but the biggest reason Japanese people love it is we get positive impression from it like “Upcoming spring = Good start”. Sakura always lighten up our mind and give us hopes. This is why the items with sakura motif are often used for celebration or weddings.

However, you can have them for daily use of course.

Hiracle sakura small plates can be used for putting soy sauce or even appetizer. Also, just putting the plates themselves even enrich your table at home parties.

They are microwave oven/dishwasher safe.

Hiracle products are as mentioned above individually handmade and each might be slightly different in shape and colors. However, including those differences, you can enjoy Japanese traditional craft works as well as seasonal atmosphere they bring you.