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Clean, Shock-Absorbing, Light Cutting Board

A knife and cutting board are the most basic cooking tools. Without these, cooking cannot start, and you must want food ones that are comfortable to use.

There are various kinds of cutting board. Some are made of olive trees, and others are made of acacia, cypress, ginkgo trees, etc.

The one we will show you this time is paulownia wooden cutting board that is shock-absorbing and doesn’t give damage to knives.

Features of paulownia

Paulownia wooden cutting board is shock-absorbing and doesn’t give damage to knives.

Paulownia wood is often used in Shinto rituals as sacred tree. It is also used to make Koto (Japanese harp), Geta (traditional wooden clogs) or Japanese antique wardrobe. It would be because paulownia was the lightest wood in Japan that it was widely used as materials.

Also, paulownia wood has resistance to cracking or bending. It is also resistant to humidity. These are the best properties for cutting board.

Shock-absorbing and damageless

Paulownia wooden cutting board is light and good for easy maintenance.

he most important reason paulownia wood is good for cutting boards is that it is shock-absorbing and doesn’t give damage to knives.

Paulownia is softer than olive or cypress trees. This means knives are unlikely to get damaged when hitting the board. For this reason, paulownia cutting boards are recommended for everyday use or for beginners.

High antibacterial activity

Most wood materials have antibacterial components, and so does paulownia wood.

Paulownia wood contains sesamin and paulonin. These show high antibacterial activity and insect repellent effects. This is why paulownia has been used to make wardrobes.

Furthermore, paulownia has less density than olive or cypress tree, so gets dry faster. In general, cutting boards with good heat retention are likely vulnerable to mold or bacteria。However, paulownia cutting boards get dry quickly, so they are always clean. You would realize their lightness, easiness for maintenance and high cost performance if you use them.

Tojiro paulownia cutting board meets requirements for good cutting boards.

Tojiro paulownia cutting board

We presented a Tojiro paulownia cutting board. It is a wonderful cutting board that can be made only by such long-established knife manufacturer. We would like to recommend this cutting board especially to chefs who value not only cooking outcomes but also cooking tools.