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Discover many designs of beautiful Mamezara plates in Kutani ware

Come in diverse shapes and colors, "Mamezara" are small plates commonly used in Japan.

Created by the Japanese traditional craft, Kutani ware, these elegant Mamezara plates are perfect for the aesthetic presentation of foods on the table. They are also versatile and can be used for partitioning foods on a big plate or as trays for placing small items such as keys and accessories.

We will talk about Mamezara plates and their designs that are considered as good luck symbols in Japan.

The products we used:

Mamezara come in diverse designs

Small and charming Mamezara come in many different designs.

Small and charming Mamezara come in many different designs.

You can find ones with traditional Kutani ware patterns. You can also find ones that have popular characters on them. You have a large variety to choose from. It is fun to look at different designs and find the ones that are perfect for you.

Mamezara plates also come in different shapes. Not limited to the usual round or square shapes, you can play with combining different shapes on your table.

Just by serving your favorite side dish on Mamezara plates, they would add charms to your table.

They are also great for gifts, as Mamezara plates are considered as items that bring luck in Japan. During the New Year holiday, you can serve food on Mamezara plates shaped in Mandarin orange, a symbol of prosperity. Mamezara plates in cat shape bring good fortune. For academic achievements or successes on exams, Mamezara plates in plum blossom are perfect.

How to use Mamezara plates

Come in various designs, Mamezara plates are truly versatile.

Come in various designs, Mamezara plates are truly versatile.

Here are some of the examples of how you can integrate them to your home.

For serving side dishes

Mamezara plates are ideal for serving side dishes. It is an easy way to add colors and charms to your table.

Since they are colorful and festive, you can use them on special occasions such as celebrations or parties.

As each pattern on Mamezara plates has a special meaning, you can choose the designs that fit the occasion in order to bring good luck.

For serving sauce

Small Mamezara plates are perfect for serving soy sauce that you use when you are eating sushi or sashimi. Hence they are indispensable to Japanese cuisine.

You can also use them for serving all kinds of sauce in other cuisines, including French, Italian or Indian food.

They are in ideal size for serving dipping sauce or spices as well.

For partitioning foods on a plate

You can serve different foods on Mamezara plates and place them on a tray or a large plate. You can turn a simple plate into a colorful and playful plate.

Even adding one Mamezara plate on your dish can improve its appearance.

They are also great for separating sauce or dipping sauce from other foods on your plate.

For placing small items

Mamezara plates can be used for holding small items, such as rings, earrings, keys, guitar picks, etc.

Beautifully designed Mamezara plates would look great on your shelves.

Add colors to your life with Mamezara plates!

Find your favorite Mamezara plates and add colors to your life.

Come in various designs, Mamezara plates can be used in diverse ways, including as a plate for side dishes or as a decorative tray for placing small items.

We hope you find your favorite Mamezara plates that add colors to your life.

The products we used: