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Enrich Your Table with Sakura Tableware to Feel Spring!

In Japan, each season is associated with seasonal events, goods, etc., which you can find in daily life.

In particular, “spring” has a positive meaning such as “new encounters or starts”, “hopes” and “expectations”. So, when the snow starts melting and spring is approaching, people get excited and enjoy the ever-changing season.

Today we are going to introduce Sakura tableware from ADERIA.

The products we used:

Sakura is something special for Japanese people

Sakura tableware from ADERIA is good for the arrival of spring.

Sakura is a Japanese symbol and essential to Japanese people.

When the spring is approaching, broadcasters feature “cherry blossom front” (when the cherry blossom starts in each region) in news for “Hanami” (viewing cherry blossom), which is a typical spring event. Sakura is so familiar to Japanese people and essential to their life.

Using Sakura motifs for celebrations or for gifts are also good.

It has been believed Sakura is a symbol of prosperity of descendants as well as abundant harvest. It is adored as a good charm. So people are happy to get gifts with Sakura motifs on celebrations such as school admission, wedding and even house-moving.

As the language of flower for Sakura is “an elegant lady”, other than “beauty of mind”, Sakura motifs are especially good for gifts to women.

Features of ADERIA Sakura Tableware

Tsugaru Vidro, a traditional craftwork in Aomori Prefecture

ADERIA Sakura Tableware is individually made by craftsmen with the method of making Tsugaru Vidro.

Tsugaru Vidro is made by glassblowing, which is said to be difficult. Only glassblowing can produce unique shape and texture of Tsugaru Vidro.

For conventional Tsugaru Vidro was mostly clear green. However, ADERIA Sakura Tableware features light pink or white which makes people feel the spring.

With Sakura motif glasses, small bowls, plates, etc., the table will look in spring atmosphere.

Would you like to enrich your table with ADERIA Sakura Tableware?

The products we used: