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Good Fortune Japanese Style Glass is the Best for Celebrations!

Mt. Fuji is the symbol of Japan.

Mt. Fuji has been a landmark symbolizing Japan and thought to be a lucky motif. It is even believed that Ieyasu Tokugawa, a Japanese renowned warlord in Sengoku Era (1467-1590), loved Mt. Fuji. Japanese people are mostly superstitious believing that if either Mt. Fuji, hawks, or eggplants appear in your dream on the New Year’s Day, it will bring you a good luck.

Also, as Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan, there is a cultural tradition to adore it as the God.

We would like to introduce a glass with a motif of Mt. Fuji, which is ideal for celebrations.

The product we used:

Make a Toast with a Mt. Fuji Glass

The glass looks like Mt. Fuji when facing it down.

The glass looks like Mt. Fuji when facing it down. Its manufacturer is Toyo Sasaki Glass Co., Ltd., a glass manufacturer established in 1878. This glass is a Guinomi sake cup for drinking Japanese sake. Made of transparent glass, it has a pale, beautiful tint, just like Japanese Ukiyo-e (beautiful pictures of everyday life in the Edo period). So, the glass is good for special occasions as well as for gifts. How about getting a red one and blue one as a pair for your parents or friends who are married?

The Origin of the Superstition Related to Mt. Fuji

Not only its height but also its beautiful shape is the reason why Mt. Fuji is adored as a lucky charm. Its shape widens towards the end and therefore symbolizes good fortune.

Furthermore, its enunciation is the same as “Fuji” which means “immortality and longevity”.

From late summer to early autumn Mt. Fuji looks redish due to climate conditions although it usually looks blueish. This rare phenomenon is called “Aka Fuji” and thought to bring even more luck. It is believed to keep people away from disasters or diseases and bring benefits such as good business. Some people hang pictures of Aka Fuji on the wall at home or office in order to pray for good luck.

Sake is a talisman and to purify your spirit. If you drink sake in this good fortune glass, nothing will be better. Let’s get this glass for celebrations!

The product we used: