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Gorgeous Food Presentation with Yasuda Kawara

In heavy snowfall areas such as the Hokuriku district, roof tiles have been used for houses since ancient times. Roof tiles are used worldwide, but this time we focus on the Japanese traditional roof tile named “Yasuda Kawara” and introduce how to use it for serving food.

What is “Yasuda Kawara”?

Yasuda Kawara looks solid and imposing, so it enriches a table.

Yasuda Kawara is manufactured by Marumi Kawara Kougyou Corporation, and it features either excellent heat or cold resistance. It is fired at 1200℃ or higher, and this provides it with unique imposing appearance with natural raw glaze to enrich tables.

Although Yasuda Kawara is usually used for building roofs, it can be used for other purposes too for its functionality and design. Especially it is very useful for serving heat-vulnerable food such as sashimi.

Yasuda Kawara has about 200 years history. We recommend you to check its other series including TSUKI and YUKI.

How to Use Yasuda Kawara for Serving Food

For its functionality and design, Yasuda Kawara can be used as tableware, especially its cold retention capacity I useful for serving heat-vulnerable food such as sashimi.

The freshness of raw fish, shellfish and crustacean will deteriorate at room temperature. This is why professional chefs often put garnish and ice under sashimi or cooling the plate before serving. “Temperature” is an important element for Japanese cuisine.

Yasuda Kawara has either excellent heat or cold resistance. As it is originally used for roofs, it has a function to insulate from heat or snow and to retain temperature. So, if you cool Yasuda Kawara in a freezer for a while before serving, it will work as an excellent sashimi serving plate without ice.

As it also provides gorgeous looks, you’ll be more excited when eating the dish.

Use and Care

After use, wash it with neutral detergent, rinse and dry thoroughly before storage. No special care is needed.

After use, wash it with neutral detergent, rinse and dry thoroughly before storage. No special care is needed.

Even though Yasuda Kawara is durable, be careful not to drop or give a strong shock. As it is heavy, you should take caution for collision with other tableware.


Yasuda Kawara is very useful for serving Japanese cuisine. As it is a material that has been familiar to Japanese culture and life, it can play a good role to present Japanese atmosphere. Would you like to get one as tableware for special events or celebrations?