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Hot to Make a Greedy Grilled Sandwich

The product we used:

A sandwich maker for the greedy sandwich eater

Have you ever made a grilled cheese sandwich that was the perfectly cooked on the outside, but some of the cheese wasn't fully melted? The reason is simple: You're too greedy. Yes, we at Globalkitchen Japan are fully aware that accusing our customers and potential customers of a great sin may render us and our families homeless, but our collective conscious obligates us to speak the truth.

Your bread was too thick or your cheese stacked to high. Search your heart. You know it to be true.

Now, for the good news: Globalkitchen Japan offers the perfect hot sandwich maker for greedy sandwich makers like you.

Your cheese wasn't melted because heat couldn't reach the cheese before the bread was cooked and in danger of burning. Why? The distance between pan and cheese was too great.

The solution? Pressure. You've probably tried applying some pressure with a spatula, hoping to push the cheese close to the pan.

But with a Tamaki Die-Cast Aluminum Grilled Sandwich Maker, your greedy sandwich dreams can come true. The perfectly toasted sandwich is within your reach.

How to make a greedy sandwich

Of course, this probably sounds too good to be true. How can anybody possibly make a device capable of applying pressure and heat at the same time to a cartoonishly large sandwich?

Our friends, the mad scientists at Tamaki, have developed such a device. We aren't proud of it, but they were too busy trying to find out how they could make such a device that they forgot to ask if they should.

We know that this is dangerous knowledge, but we feel like our readers will toast their sandwiches responsibly, so with great trepidation, we present to you our guide for making a greedy sandwich.

Prepare your ingredients


If you need to cut, slice, or dice anything, now's the time. We like the colors red and green, so we decided to make an avocado and tomato sandwich, with a bit of bacon and cheese. We were extra greedy, so we got some thick-sliced bread.

Butter your bread

Buttering the bread

The Tamaki grilled sandwich maker has a non-stick coating, so the butter isn't really necessary. However, if you aren't buttering your bread, The Science says you're probably going to hel--I mean, you're probably fit and healthy.

Construct the sandwich

Constructed sandwich on grilled sandwich maker

Now it's time to get extra greedy. Stack your ingredients higher and deeper, friends. We won't judge.

We recommend constructing your sandwich directly on the sandwich maker to prevent your greedy sandwich from getting all over your greedy floor. Don't forget to construct the sandwich with the bread butter-side-out.

Cook for 2 minutes on each side

”Pre-cooked Cooking the sandwich

The moment of truth is here. Can the Tamaki make this greedy dream come true? Can it gobble up that boring, cold sandwich and spit out a toasty sandwich fit for a king?

Friends, when we at Globalkitchen Japan saw our sandwich uneventfully disappear inside the jaws of the Tamaki, we were stunned. The children applauded. The dog howled. The neighbors starred wild-eyed with envy from their second-story windows. Grandma fainted and grandpa woke up angry from his nap.

The best part of all: no mess. The sandwich heated up quickly. It only took about 2 minutes of cooking on both sides, an we didn't have to clean up any mess. The closed space of the sandwich maker helped store heat in and around the sandwich. The Tamaki squeezed the sandwich, further speeding up the cooking process. Because we didn't have to fiddle with it to make sure it got hot all the way inside, none of the ingredients fell out.


Close-up of finished sandwich

After 4-6 minutes of cooking, your sandwich should be hot, inside and out. Not only that, but your greedy sandwich should now be much easier to fit inside your mouth. Little bits of food won't be falling out of the sandwich, either. Sorry, doggy. This sandwich is too greedy.

Sandwich ideas

Now that you've gotten a taste for what's possible, here is a list of some greedy sandwich ideas that should get you scrambling to grab your credit card and order directly from us, Globalkitchen Japan:

  • Yakisoba sandwich

  • Teriyaki chicken sandwich

  • Taco sandwich

  • Pizza sandwich

  • Toasted hamburger

    The possibilities are endless, friends.

Grill wisely

Now that we've passed on the dangerous knowledge of how to make a very greedy sandwich, we feel obligated to remind you to grill responsibly and share with the rest of your family. It's the right thing to do. Grill sandwiches for your family. And more importantly, grill them for your immortal soul.

The product we used: