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Our 10 Best Gifts for Special Occasions

Don't you want to give beautiful gifts to your loved ones for special occasions such as Christmas, New Year, or their birthdays?

Here are 10 of the best gift ideas from Globalkitchen Japan.


The products we used:

Nousaku KAGO

"KAGO", a masterpiece of pure tinware by a foundry company established in 1916, can be changed its shape by bending as you like.

It is finished with traditional techniques and craftsman's handwork and must be a perfect gift.

Furoshiki with the pattern of a Christmas tree

Furoshiki is a traditional multipurpose cloth in Japan.

It can be used as a bag, storage or wrapping material. Wrapping your gift with this Furoshiki will make you excited, especially, during the Christmas season.

Kettle designed by Sori Yanagi

This kettle is both functional and stylish.

It has high thermal conductivity and the ergonomic shape of the handle, which are very attentive.

A series of AM kettle of Noda Horo

A series of lovely enamelware AM kettle comes in different colors, which will be suitable for a gift. The retro design goes well with a sweet-look kitchen.

Asahi titanium glass

The entire glass is double-wall thin titanium. It can keep warm or cool your drink for a long time due to preventing heat transfer from your hand.

It is easy to care for it because titanium is rust-free material. Excellent design is also one of our recommended points.

Collection of TI-1

These cutleries are not only impressive geometric shapes but also highly functional.

These can be practical and impressive gifts for a special day.

ADERIA sakura glassware

The collection of ADERIA sakura glassware which is inspired by cherry blossoms as the symbol of Japan is perfect not only for creating a Japanese atmosphere but also for creating spring at the table.

Why don't you choose these as a seasonal gift?

TSUKI tableware collection

The TSUKI tableware collection, which is made of the roof tile called "Yasuda Kawara" has an elegant appearance and unique texture.

It is the finest quality in durability, design, and practicality. So, everyone would love them.

hiracle sakura collection

The hiracle is expanding a variety of products in collaboration with traditional industries in Japan.

A series of sakura (cherry blossom) looks classy as well as unique. The lovely spring-like chopstick rest or the mamezara (small plate) are perfect for celebrations in Japanese style or for serving Japanese food.

Nousaku collection

It is believed in Japan that gorgeous tin sakeware brings fortune to you.

Let's find ideal gifts for your loved ones.

How did you like it? We hope you can enjoy selecting best gifts for your family, partner, friends, or co-workers from our Globalkitchen Japan.

The products we used: