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TAKUMI JAPAN Magma Plate Iron Frying Pan

What kind of functionality do you expect for pans? When it comes to cooking, durability can be the most important need, followed by size, heat conductivity and easy maintenance, etc.

Not only professional chefs, but also those who love cooking mostly use iron pans. Iron pans don’t necessarily have high heat conductivity, but they have durability and heat retention. However, maintenance isn’t easy sometimes. Also, their heaviness might bother women.

Today, we are going to introduce TAKUMI JAPAN Magma Plate Iron Frying Pan.

The product we used:

Features of Magma Plates

Magma Plate is a trademark of Nihon Yoshokki Co., Ltd. It features a fine uneven structure of the surface inside and outside.

TAKUMI JAPAN is a series of pan manufactured by Nihon Yoshokki Co., Ltd. Its main lineups are Magma Plate pans that were originally developed by them. Nihon Yoshokki Co., Ltd., established in 1955 in Tsubame, Niigata, which is the center of traditional craft work including metal processing. is a manufacturer specializing in Western tableware and cooking tools.

Magma Plate is a trademark of Nihon Yoshokki Co., Ltd. It features a fine uneven structure of the surface inside and outside. This structure can enlarge surface area to absorb more heat. As a result, it provides high heat conductivity and tolerance to high heat cooking so that the ingredients can keep flavor inside.

Also, Magma Plate pans are not as heavy as woks, and more user-friendly specially for women. Furthermore, unevenness of the surface can prevent food sticking, saving time as well as labor of washing. They have rich variety in size or purpose such as Tamagoyaki omelette pans, grill pans, and paella pans.

They are even good for professional use and also compatible with 200V induction heating (IH) cooktops, not only with gas stoves

Enjoy Cooking More with Magma Plate Pans

Unevenness of the surface can prevent food sticking.

There would be many people who think iron pans are difficult to use. If you are interested in the attraction of cooking with iron pans, you should try Magma Plate pans. You would fall into its good functionality and convenience.

The product we used: