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Welcome in Spring With These Scrubbing Gloves

The product we used:

The Perfect Spring Cleaning Scrubbing Glove Doesn’t Exi-

Scrubbing the bathroom

During the winter, you were saying, "Oh, it's too cold, I can't clean the kitchen faucet" or "Oh, there's too much snow out there, I can't scrub down my car's hub caps right now" or "Oh, why scrub the mud off my rain boots when they're just going to get dirty again tomorrow?" I know it, you know it.

Look outside. The plum blossoms are blooming. Spring is almost here. No more excuses. It's time to scrub your house and your very soul.

"But all I have is this lousy sponge..."

More excuses, I see. The SANBELM Polyester Scrubbing Glove removes all excuses. Let me explain.

Three-fingered Wonder

Scrubbing the kitchen faucet

The SANBLEM scrubbing glove has a mitten-like design that allows you to clean both large areas and small details with ease. Clean your kitchen faucet with ease. NO EXCUSES.

Use less or no soap at all

The SANBELM is made with rough, triangular polyester threads that can scrape up grime and gunk without soap. You don't even need to dig under the bathroom sink to get the bleach. NO EXCUSES.

Easy On, Easy Off

SANBELM scrubbing glove in kitchen sink

Unlike your mama's rubber gloves, these things go on and come off effortlessly. Smooth as the tofu you made with our recipe. You can even wear these OVER your mama's rubber gloves and keep your hands perfectly clean and dry. NO EXCUSES.

Clean Left or Right-handed

Glove with two fingers

Whether you're left-handed or normal, you can wear these gloves. Heck, buy two and wield the incredible power of triangular polyester fibers on both hands simultaneously. Buy four and make your kids scrub the dirt and oil off their bicycle spokes and chains themselves. NO EXCUSES.

The Price You Pay For Polyester

At the low price of four hundred Japanese Yen, you may believe that these gloves have some sort of hidden downside--what is known in the vernacular as a “catch”. If not, we'd be seeing pictures of Elon Musk scrubbing SpaceX rockets with the little miracles, right? You may even be inspired to start scrubbing your very soul with the SANBELM scrubbing gloves.

While we at Globalkitchen Japan admire and envy your simultaneously held skepticism and enthusiasm, we feel it necessary to inform you not just of the benefits, but also the costs of the SANBELM scrubbing gloves.

  1. Yes, they are easy to put on, whether on your left or right hand (if you have them). However, the triangular polyester threads the gloves are made with are somewhat uncomfortable.
  2. If you clean with water, the gloves and your hands will get wet. And while you may not need to use soap for much of your spring cleaning, you may want to use some for those especially greasy jobs.

As a result, if you have sensitive skin or plan to deep-clean the toilet with them, we ask that you consider wearing rubber gloves under the SANBELMs.

No Further Discussion Necessary

I think we've made our case. It is time for you to purchase not one, but two gloves for only four hundred Japanese Yen each. Please record yourself cleaning the kitchen sink and countertop at the same time while making kung-fu noises and leave it in a video comment below.

No, seriously. You and all your family members have a video camera in your pockets. NO EXCUSES.

The product we used: