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Brighten Your Table with HAREKUTANI Tableware!

Japan has various kinds of traditional craftwork, and Kutani ware is one of them. Kutani ware is porcelain with painting whose technique has been continuously passed down since early Edo Period.

Kutani ware was first created in Kutani Village, Enuma County, Ishikawa Prefecture (Old name: Kaga Province). It features colorful paintings called “Kutani Gosai (means Kutani five colors)”.

What we introduce today is “HAREKUTANI”, a modern Kutani ware designed by combining traditional Kutani ware and modern lifestyle.

Cat Plate

Cat plate of HAREKUTANI

The concept of HAREKUTANI is “Brighten People’s Lives”. The first one is their Cat Plate with a unique motif of adorable lovely cat.

There are 3 different sizes (Normal, Small, Petty) for this Cat Plate and also another lineup of chopstick rests rich in color variety. They will certainly make your table look great!

Especially for those who love cats should get one in your favorite and size.

Fish Plate

Fish plate of HAREKUTANI

Next, here is Fish Plate with lovely design as if it came from the world of fantasy.

There are 3 different sizes (Large, Middle, Small) in rich color variety. This series of plate feature the pop unique design, and they are recommended to those who want to decorate the table with distinctive tableware.

Bird Plate

Bird plate of HAREKUTANI

Finally, here is Bird Plate with a cute motif of chubby bird.

The design is not only cute but also a good match with various kinds of dishes. Also, the shape is easy for serving food. They will add some playfulness to your table.

Other than above, there are many stylish cute line-ups of HAREKUTANI. Let’s brighten your table with modern unique Kutani ware providing new lifestyle!