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“Hanami”, a cherry blossom viewing which is the spring traditional event in Japan

There is a traditional culture called “Hanami” in Japan.

When cherry blossoms start blooming every spring, people are delighted with the arrival of spring, and at large parks and special venues for cherry blossom viewing, they enjoy eating delicious lunch boxes and drinking alcohol while watching the cherry blossoms.

"Hanami" is a great seasonal event and many people in Japan just wait for the time to come. In the news, they start reporting on where the cherry blossom front is in Japan day by day, and all the people make plans for cherry blossom viewing accordingly.

Here, we introduce the “Hanami” event which takes place traditionally in Japan.

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Hisotry of “Hanami”

Hanami has a long history and it is said that it started around 800 AD.

It is said to be an event originally started by aristocrats at that time and is mainly believed that it was influenced by the Chinese custom of viewing plum blossoms.

It is recorded that Emperor Saga held the event called “Kaen no Setsu” in 812 AD, and is considered to be the origin of “Hanami”.

In the 1000s AD, “Hanami”, which was an event by aristocrats, spread to the samurai class, and it is said that famous samurai warriors enjoyed it a lot such as Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Tokugawas Ieyasu, Date Masamune, etc.

After 1600 AD, “Somei Yoshino”, one of the types of cherry blossoms loved in today's Japan was created, and the Hanami culture started to settle down among the ordinary people. The mountain at Ueno, which was famous as a Hanami spot, is still being loved by many people by changing its name to “Ueno Onshi Park”.

What do they do at “Hanami”?

What do they do at “Hanami”?

“Hanami” originally started as an event for aristocrats to enjoy viewing the flowers. But after its culture to enjoy viewing flowers was widely aspread among the ordinary people such as farmers, it had been done as a Shinto ritual to pray for a good harvest.

However, it has been changed as a festival event nowadays enjoying delicious foods and sake under the beautifully bloomed cherry blossoms.

Thus, “Hanami” is a very popular national event enjoyed by men and women of all ages, from those who like flowers to those who like delicious foods and sake as well as the festivals.

“Jubako”, a bento lunchbox which is convenient when enjoying “Hanami”

“Jubako”, a bento lunchbox which is convenient when enjoying “Hanami”

“Jubako” is a very convenient bento lunchbox at “Hanami”.

It features the multiple overlapped boxes as a set and can be used to pack various side dishes there. It also has dividers to prevent the flavors from one prepared dish to the others.

People spread a “Jubako” lunchbox on the rug placed under the cherry blossom trees, and enjoy drinking sake while eating the side dishes. This is the standard style of “Hanami” in Japan.

“Jubako” is used not only for “Hanami” but also for New Year’s “Osechi” dishes and that on the celebration days, but is also recommended for your own special meals and picnics.

Just using “Jubako”, it makes your bento lunch a special one.


We explained a traditional event in Japan, “Hanami” this time.

How about spending your time with a special lunch in a Japanese way, while enjoying to view the flowers this spring?

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