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The reason why new knives are not sharp enough. ~Why you need to sharpen the knives.~

You might have found the newly purchased knives were not sharp enough and have been worried that you had purchased the defective ones.

However, to be honest, there are occasions that they are not sharp enough intentionally at a time of the shipment because of various reasons.

Here, we will explain why they are not sharp enough and how you can deal with them.

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Why the new knives are not sharp enough.

Why the new knives are not sharp enough

There is such an occasion that the kitchen knives are not sharp enough at a time of their shipments. It tends to happen for professional knives and you do not need to be worried about it as they are not defective.

There are two reasons why it happens.

The first reason is because it can be sharpened properly depending on the user’s style or taste. Especially, professional cooks tend to have their own favorite sharpness and polishing styles. It also varies depending on the genres of dishes, such as Japanese, French, Italian, etc.

If it is sharpened perfectly from the beginning, the users cannot customize it as they want. That is why they are shipped without being sharpened completely.

The second one is because it avoids the chips of the blade while shipment.

The sharper the knife blade, the better the sharpness is. However on the contrary, it can be easily chipped. That is why they are shipped without being polished completely to protect themselves and to avoid chipping caused by the damage during shipment.

What you need to do in case the blade is not sharp enough.

Even if it is not sharp enough, it does not mean it cannot be used for cutting. And it will be enough for home use. You can continue using it as it is, if you do not find any problem.

It may not be able to show enough performance as the professional’s one, but it will last for a longer period if you do not sharpen or polish the blade.

So, if you are not satisfied with it, we recommend you to polish it. It is called “Honbaduke (Sharpening)” to polish the new kitchen knives.

About “Honbaduke (Sharpening)”.

“Honbaduke (Sharpening)” here means that you polish the newly purchased knife and to make it sharper. Of course, you can request the knife manufacturer or their dealers to do it. Whichever it is, this is the indispensable step to gain the sharpness.


There are such cases that the kitchen knives for professionals are not perfectly sharpened intentionally so that the users can customize them as they want. This also prevents blade chipping while delivery. You do not need to worry about it as it is not a defective product.

In case you are not satisfied with the sharpness when you bought it, we recommend you to make it sharpened. It will be amazingly sharp after this procedure. Please treat the knives carefully by polishing and sharpening regularly, as your good partners.

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