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HAREKUTANI single-flower vases make our daily life colorful.

Flowers that color the daily life gorgeously.

Having colorful flowers by your side makes you feel fine, right?

A gorgeous flower bouquet looks good, but a single-flower vase that gently accompanies your daily life is easily incorporated into the various scenes of your daily life.

We introduce the attractiveness of single-flower vases.

The products we used:

What is a single-flower vase?

A single-flower vase is a small flower vase for arranging one or two flowers.

A single-flower vase is a small flower vase for arranging one or two flowers.

It features a narrow opening of the vase into which the flowers are inserted, allowing the arranged flowers to be displayed in nearly perpendicular position.

Generally, they are made from glass and ceramic but metal, plastic and wooden ones are also available.

The single-flower vase introduced here is the ones of HAREKUTANI, which decorated with pop and contemporary designs.

Kutani ware is characterized by its vivid multiple colors, and among them, most distinctive five colors of red, green, yellow, navy blue and purple are called Kutani Gosai (5 colors).

How to arrange flowers with their fullest individuality.

A brightly colored flower with a straight stem is a good match for a single-flower vase.

You can arrange any plant of your preference in a single-flower vase, but one with a brightly colored, straight stem that grows straight up fits well.

You can add a bit of color to your usual space by arranging seasonal flowers at a corner of your living room, on a table, in the bathroom, or by your bed side.

HAREKUTANI single-flower vase features a unique vase pattern for enjoying the combination with various flower colors.

It is very enjoyable to choose the flowers fitted to the vase and the numbers of arranged flowers depending on its pattern.

A single-flower vase that always shows a different expression enriches our daily life just a little bit.

When using a single-flower vase, fill it with water before arranging flowers.

The amount of water to be added should be no more than 1/3 of a single flower vase.

The stems are easily damaged if they get too much water, but if they do not get enough, they are even more easily damaged.

Generally, add the water so that the bottom 2 to 3cm of the stem is submerged in water.

Also, water should be changed daily to prolong the life of the flowers.

Flowers are sensitive to direct sunlight and high temperatures. So please display it at a well-ventilated place avoiding direct sunlight.

Recommended flowers for your first experience of arranging a single flower.

Gerberas, tulips, ranunculus laxus, and araseitos, etc. are recommended for your first arrangement experience with a single-flower vase.

Gerberas, tulips, ranunculus laxus, and araseitos, etc. are recommended for your first arrangement experience with a single-flower vase.

These flowers have relatively thick stems for good stability and large petals for impact and appearance. They are ideal for single-flower vases.

Of course, you can enjoy any other flowers you like besides these. Even if the flowers themselves are small, if the ears and clusters are voluminous, the charm of the flowers will stand out together with the design of HAREKUTANI.

You can also enjoy arranging dried flowers or herbs in single-flower vases.

You can create a calm atmosphere by adding accents such as dried flowers and herbs in addition to the colorful flowers.

A single-flower arrangement using HAREKUTANI is also recommended for beginners.

Harektani's single-flower vases are cute and pop, yet simple and sophisticated.

HAREKUTANI’s single-flower vases are cute and pop, but also simple and sophisticated.

It can fit in any location, whether in a neatly organized room, a messy and exciting space, or a stylish and sophisticated atmosphere.

Just one single-flower vase in a room will make you feel enriched.

It will be also nice to place single-flower vases of various designs and different types of flowers in various places in the house, such as on a table, by the TV, in a corner of a bookshelf, or in a corner of the kitchen, to enjoy the beauty of each season.

How about coloring your daily life with HAREKUTANI single-flower vases?

The products we used: