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How to make plum wine.

We introduce how to make plum wine.

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What you need to prepare

The following ingredients and tools are necessary for making plum wine.


Ingredients necessary to make plum wine
  • Plum (Green plum or Nanko plum) :1kg
  • Rock Candy :500-800g
  • White Liquor :1.8L

Using green plums allows you to fully enjoy their sour plum flavor. Ripe plums, such as Nanko-plum, have a sweet, fruity flavor.

In general, plum wine is made with rock candy, but brown sugar may also be used. The use of brown sugar accentuates the richness of the plum wine and makes it unique, and you can enjoy the rich aroma of brown sugar together.

Instead of white liquor, you can make plum wine using liquor with an alcohol content of 35% or higher, such as shochu, vodka, whisky or gin.


Tools necessary for making plum wine
  • Fruit Wine Bottle
  • Bamboo Skewers

For making plum wine, special fruit wine bottles are convenient for storage and use. Choose the capacity according to the amount you want to make.

Bamboo skewers are used to remove the calyxes of the plums. Any pointed tools such as toothpicks can be used for this purpose.

How to make plum wine

Please follow these steps for making plum wine

1. Sterilize the container (bottle).

Rinse plastic containers well under running water to avoid possible deformation.

In case using glass bottles, sterilize with boiling water. Sudden soaking or placing the bottle in boiling water may cause the bottle to break. Warm the container with lukewarm water first.

Do not sterilize plastic containers with boiling water as it may deform them. Wash the inside well with detergent and rinse well with a high alcohol beverage such as white liquor or shochu.

2. Wash the plums.

Wash the plums under running water gently so as not to damage them.

Wash the plums under running water gently so as not to damage them. Remove any large blemishes or any damaged and softened ones.

Green plums are very acrid, so it is best to remove the acridity by soaking them in water and leaving them overnight. Ripe plums do not need to be soaked in water as they are easily damaged.

3. Wipe and dry.

Wipe the washed plums dry well.

Wipe the washed plums dry well. Be careful not to use the plums while they are still wet, as this can easily damage the plum wine.

4. Remove the calyxes from the plums.

Remove the heft from the plums with bamboo skewer.

Remove the calyxes of the plums with a bamboo skewer to prevent from getting bitter. Be careful not to damage the plums.

Plum calyxe can be easily removed by lightly inserting a bamboo skewer into the edge of the calyx.

5. Put ingredients in a container.

Place all ingredients in a fruit wine bottle.

Place all ingredients in a fruit wine bottle. First, add plums and rock candy.

The key is to put the plums and the icing sugar alternately in layers.

After adding all the plums and rock candy, pour the white liquor at the end.

6. Let it matured.

It is ready to drink after about three months of preparation.

The fruit wine bottles should be stored in a cool, dark place to mature. It is ready to drink after about three months. Generally, it takes about one year before it is ready to drink.

If the ripening period is short, the wine tastes more acidic and fresh. The longer the ripening period, the mellower and richer the flavor. If you make your plum wines according to the ripening period, you can enjoy various degrees of maturity, such as six months, one year, and two years.

Plums should be removed from the fruit wine bottle after 1 to 1.5 years, as they may become muddy in color and taste bitter if they are left in the bottle.

Let’s enjoy homemade plum wine which is easy to make.

The flavor of plum wine can be expanded to an infinite number of flavors by changing the type of plums to be pickled, experimenting with different types of alcohol and sugar, and other combinations.

Enjoy making your own original plum wine using your favorite ingredients.

The product we used: