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How to use Takezaru (shallow bamboo colander)?

In this site, let us introduce how to use Takezaru.

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What is the advantage of Takezaru?

Let us introduce the advantage of Takezaru.

Good water drainage

Bamboo is woven to make Takezaru. It makes Takezaru hygienic due to the good water drainage. This mechanism makes Takezaru be better drainage than other Zaru (colander).

Since ordinary Zaru made from stainless steel or plastic have fine sieves, it’s bad drainage because the surface tension of water is strengthen. On the other hand, since Takezaru has reticulated sieves, the surface tension of water is weakened. It enables water to flow smoothly.

Dries quickly

As we mentioned, Takezaru has excellent water drainage. Besides, it has a feature of easy drying since it allows air to pass through easily.

Since most fungus tend to thrive under moist conditions, the feature of easy drying Takezaru can be said as “Being kept in a sanitary condition”.


Not only can Takezaru be used as a cookware, such as colander, but also be used as a tableware, such as a single plate. Since Takezaru has a strong Japanese taste design, it’s look well as a serving plate for Nigirieshi (rice balls), Tempura (seafood and vegetables dipped in batter and deep-fried), Soba (buckwheat noodle) or Udon (wheat noodle).

High durability

Bamboo, a material of Takezaru, has flexibility and high strength. When used as a tableware, risk of breakage can be reduced compared to glass plates or ceramic plates since it is shock and heat resistant. Do to this reason, Takezaru is very handy for the situation to watch out for (for example, when small children have a meal).

How to use Takezaru.

Next, we will introduce the various uses of Takezaru.

Drainer tray

Takezaru is ideal as a drainer for freshly washed vegetables and fruits because of its good drainage.。

It is perfect as a draining dish. Conveniently, freshly washed vegetables and fruits can be drained naturally by placing them on the bamboo colander. Besides, since Takezaru is breathable, moisture will not damage the ground surface of vegetables and fruits!

Drying dish for dried food


Takezaru with high air permeability are perfect for drying dishes for dried food. Especially, dried fish is soaked in salt before being dried, so the osmotic pressure of the salt brings the water content of the fish to the surface. Since the moisture cause dried fish to spoil, Takezaru with good drainage is ideal to drain the water thoroughly.

However, it is recommended to use different types of Takezaru for different purposes, as the smell of fish may adhere to Takezaru used for drying dried fish and be difficult to remove.

Noodle serving dish

Takezaru also serves as a noodle serving dish.

For noodle dishes such as soba, udon, and tsukemen (noodles with dipping sauce), well-designed Takezaru with good drainage works well. Generally, noodles made from buckwheat or wheat flour become sloppy when come into contact with water after boiling. Using a bamboo colander eliminates such risks.

One-plate dish


Takezaru can be used as a single plate for lunch or other occasions. Takezaru works well for a variety of dishes because it's easy to wash when it get a stain on it. Typical examples are rice dishes such as ball rice and fried foods such as tempura, but it can be used in a variety of dishes, depending on your ingenuity.

However, it cannot be used in dishes with sauces or in liquid dishes such as soups.

Towel rack

The Takezaru is also useful as a towel rack.

Takezaru is also useful as a towel rack. Storage of towels which tend to contain water is a big issue especially in mold-prone Japan. They need to be placed in a well-ventilated area as much as possible to prevent moisture from being trapped. Takezru acts as a rack to protect towels from moldy conditions. It will come in useful in humid environments.

Takezaru would be handy if you have one.

Takezaru can be used for a variety of purposes, including as a draining dish, a drying dish for dried fish, a noodle serving dish, a one-plate dish, and a towel rack. This is a very high-performing kitchen item, please consider taking advantage of this opportunity.

The products we used: