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Savoring The Tea-Time Experience

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Making Green Tea with an Iron Kettle and Iron Teapot

Iron kettles and teapots are solid, traditional tools for making tea. Kettles and teapots are used together--kettles for boiling water and teapots for steeping the tea leaves--to make the perfect tea. But, there are a few techniques for making the most of their capabilities.

Tea enthusiasts know that it's critical to control the temperature of the water used for making tea. This is especially true when working with traditional iron kettles and teapots because they hold in and transfer heat so well.

Brewing tea using traditional tools and methods might appear unnecessarily complicated to outsiders, but tea lovers appreciate both the tea and the time spent making it. Since ancient times, men and women with a love of life and tea have embraced the process as a type of meditation--a way of clearing and focusing their minds.

Grab your iron kettle and teapot and embrace tradition.

How to Make Delicious Green Tea

Boil Water

This part is simple. Pour some water into the kettle and bring to a boil.

Pour Water Into Cups

Pouring hot water into teacup

Once you've boiled the water, pour the water into a cup you plan to use to serve the tea. This serves two purposes:

  1. It measures the exact amount of water needed.
  2. It cools the water to the appropriate temperature.

Make sure to empty out the kettle immediately to prevent it from rusting.

Place Tea Leaves Into Teapot

Placing tea leaves in teapot

While the water is cooling in your tea cups, spoon in your desired measure of tea leaves into the teapot's sieve.

Pour Cooled Water Into Teapot

Pouring cooled water into teapot

Now that the teapot has tea leaves in place, carefully pour the hot water in the tea cups into the tea pot.


Letting the tea steep

Wait time should range between 30-90 seconds, depending on how strong you like your tea.


Pouring hot tea into teacup to serve

Pour your tea slowly back into your tea cups and enjoy.

Making Another Pot

Opening the lid to dry tea leaves

If you want to make another pot using the same tea leaves, open the lid on the teapot a crack to let the tea leave dry off a bit.

To Those Who Have Embraced Tradition

Iron kettle and teapot with teacups

At first, making green tea with an iron kettle and teapot can seem a bit much. The kettle and teapot are heavy and hot. They need to be babied to prevent rusting. Hot water needs to be transferred here and there to get the tea just right.

But, to those who have embraced tradition, the process is more than the sum of its parts. They learn to love the tinging and clacking of iron on iron. Caring for kettle and teapot clears the mind of life's cares for a moment in time. Pouring the water from kettle to cup to pot to cup again takes on a spiritual character, like the water takes on the character of the tea leaves.

If you've decided to embrace tradition, welcome. Enjoy the moment.

The products we used: