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It's Winter Feast! Sukiyaki's Classic Recipe

Here is how to make Sukiyaki, a traditional Japanese New Year's holiday dish.

The product we used:

Cooking utensils and ingredients

The following tools and foodstuffs are for making Sukiyaki.



This pan, which can also be used for dumplings, uses a wooden lid to trap convective heat without stressing the ingredients and slowly transfers heat to bring out the Umami taste (savory flavor) of the ingredients.

It also lets off excessive steam from the ingredients, so it doesn't get watery. The design of the pan that symbolizes Japanese tradition is impressive.



Beef is essential for Sukiyaki. Generally, we use sliced pieces of the shoulder, the shoulder roast, the loin, and the thigh. Beef trimmings can be substituted.

Other standard foodstuffs include Japanese leek, garland chrysanthemum, shirataki noodles, grilled tofu, enoki mushroom, and shiitake mushroom. You can arrange the ingredients as you like.

How to make Sukiyaki

We explain the steps to make Sukiyaki in this section.

Ingredients (about serves 4)

  • Sliced beef for Sukiyaki … 400-500g
  • (A)Soy sauce…150ml
  • (A)Sugar…50g
  • (A)Mirin (Sweet cooking sake)…150ml
  • (A)Water…100ml
  • Beef tallow…10g
  • Japanese leek…1-2 pcs (optional)
  • Grilled tofu…1 block
  • Shirataki noodles…1 pack
  • Garland chrysanthemum…2-3 bunches
  • Enoki mushroom…about 200g

1. Make warishita stock


Add all of (A) out of the ingredients to the pot and turn on the heat. Remove the scum after boiling it and turn off the heat. Now, warishita stock is ready.

2. Cut the ingredients


Cut Japanese leek, garland chrysanthemum, enoki mushroom, and shirataki noodles into 4 cm lengths and grilled tofu into bite-sized pieces.

3. Grill leeks


Heat the Sukiyaki pan and add the beef fat. Once the fat has melted and spread throughout the pan, line up leeks and cook on low heat until browned.

4. Cook beef


When Japanese leeks become browned and fragrant, line up beef in the open space of the pan on low heat.

5. Add warishita stock


When the meat becomes brown, add warishita stock to the pot and cook on medium-high heat.

6. Ready to serve


Add the other ingredients, cover with a lid, and heat thoroughly. It is generally to dip Sukiyaki into the beaten egg because it is safe to eat raw eggs in Japan.

When warishita stock has boiled down and has a strong flavor, add water for adjusting to the taste.

7. Enjoy the shime (Finish off Sukiyaki)


When the ingredients are reduced, add udon noodles for finishing the meal.

Rice, Chinese noodles, or somen noodles are often used to finish the pot. As for Sukiyaki, udon noodles are common.

How to arrange the ingredients

If Wagyu is not available, you can choose marbled and tender sliced beef. Of course, you can use lean meat if you like.

If you can't get the vegetables listed, please use leek, shallot or Chinese cabbage.

Spend your New Year's holiday with luxurious Sukiyaki!

Sukiyaki is a luxurious and special dish to celebrate the New Year's holiday for the Japanese people. In recent years, it is getting popular in other countries because of its deliciousness. Please enjoy the traditional Japanese hot pot dish with the Sukiyaki hot pot.

The product we used: