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15 Gift Ideas for this Christmas Season

Share Japanese Culture with Your Loved Ones This Christmas

You love Japanese culture and cooking. Me too. Sharing our love of Japan is fun.

It can be tough, though. Not everybody can appreciate the refined cultural motifs found in Gaki no Tsukai's New Year's batsu game show. You have to meet people where they're at, you know?

Your grandma might not "get" why you're laughing while full-grown men are dressed up like school children and getting brutally beaten by a Tai kickboxer, but she'll definitely appreciate getting some of the cool gifts we've collected in this article. No need to scratch your head this year. Grab a few things on this list for your relatives and let them know why you love Japan.

1. Sori Yanagi Stainless Steel Induction Kettle

This kettle is one of our most popular and beloved items. The perfect gift for that tea or hand-dripped coffee lover in your family. Can be heated on any cooktop, including induction stoves, and has a usable capacity of 1.7 liters.

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2. Noda Horo AM Kettle

This enamel-coated kettle is another favorite among our customers. Available in multiple colors, compatible with induction heating stoves, and can hold about 2 liters of water.

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3. ZERO JAPAN tea canister

There are a wide variety of tea leaves for different tastes and occasions. Your Aunt Matilda would love to store up to 100 grams of her Sencha, Gyokuro, Bancha, Genmaicha, and Hojicha leaves in these colorful canisters. Also available in 150 and 200 gram canisters for Uncle Jimmie's coffee.

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4. Echizen Shikki Japanese Lacquerware

These traditional lacquerware bowls are perfect for sharing your love of Japanese miso soups. I think they'd also look great on display next to grandma's teapot collection.

See also: How to Take Care of Japanese Traditional "Shikki Lacquerware"

5. Nousaku Sake Tinware

For the future sake connoisseurs in your family, this handsome set of Nousaku tinware could brighten their day without forcing you to take out a second mortgage on your house. Don't forget to send Uncle Gary a link to our blog with tips for keeping his new best friends in top condition. Not All Sake Cups That Glimmer Are Gold. Some Are Tin.

6. Marumi Yasuda Kawara TSUKI ceramics

Uncle Gary might like the shine and shimmer of tin, but your Grandpa Oscar--former professional chef turned cigar club master--is more of a traditional man. He is a man with a presence. The TSUKI ceramic sakeware by Marumi Yasuda Kawara will suit him well. See also: Bringing Significance to the Occasion with Earthenware Ceramics

7. Mamezara plates

No Japanese dinner is complete without a wide-array of little plates holding this and that. Our collection of mamezara plates are perfect for passing out to members of the family who want a little taste of Japanese art at dinner.

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8. hiracle Sakura Porcelain

The hiracle Sakura porcelain collection is perfect for cute little sister Tammy or your even cuter wife Laura. Invoke images of spring and youth with these pink porcelain petals.

See also: Best Tableware to Enjoy Seasons ― Sakura items for Spring


If tinware is for Uncle Gary and hefty ceramic is for Grandpa Oscar, then KIMOTO GLASS TOKYO Edo Kiriko class cups are perfect for your brother Bob and his burbon. Handcrafted and elegant glassware made by the fine folks at KIMOTO GLASSWARE in Asakusa, Tokyo for more than 80 years.

See also: Discover the beautiful Japanese glassware "Edo Kiriko"

10. Toyo Sasaki Fuji Glass

Perfect as both a decoration and as a medium for serving sake, these Toyo Sasaki Fuji glasses let your mom get a taste of Japan without making the hike up to the top.

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11. TOMITA Stainless Steel Grater

If someone in your family is missing a fingertip in a tragic ginger grating accident back in '09, this is the gift for them. The TOMITA stainless steel grater is a bladeless grater that will help them enjoy all of the most delicious Japanese foods without reminding them of that fateful day. See also: An Easy-To-Clean Grater That Won't Eat Your Fingers?

12. NiNJA knives

Do your nephews regularly reenact scenes from their favorite ninja and samurai anime while they chop up potatoes for your sister's homemade curry? Then these NiNJA knives are perfect for them. They'll be chopping away and singing GO!!! by Flow before you've finished unwrapping. See also: Chop, Slice, and Dice Like a Ninja

13. Green Bell nail clippers

Let's face it: ever since that grating accident, your toe nails have been a mess. Check out Globalkitchen Japan's helpful guide for choosing the right nail clippers from Green Bell, buy yourself two or three pairs, and fix your appendage problems before your wife runs off with the kids. See also: Choosing the Right Clippers for Your Special Fingers and Toes

14. Maneki Neko

Is your brother Sam's small Jamaican-Japanese fusion ramen restaurant business down on its luck and in need of some help again? Don't give him cash. Give him this classic little decorative cat--a symbol of good luck with money--and wish him well on his future business endeavors.

See also: What is "Maneki-neko", a figure of a beckoning cat?

15. Furoshiki

When you give your loved ones the above gifts--purchased right here at Globalkitchen Japan--don't forget to wrap them in furoshiki for that special Japanese touch. After they're done unwrapping, teach them how to make a nice bag to carry their gifts home with. See also: A Beginners Guide to Wrapping with Furoshiki